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Life Through My Eyes Foundation LLC

Life Through My Eyes Foundation was started by United States Navy Veteran/Author Jamal R. Lowe after completing first book Life Through My Eyes Distracted Generation. Other books proceeded such as: Heart of A King Promise to Ancestors, My Journey Our Mission, Aazeens Court Scenes of Life, Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal" and Sweetness in Air by Favre “Mississippi Legends.”

The Foundations Vision is meant to inspire the human family through writing and has fresh ideas that's sure to inspire future generations to come. Learning from historical giants like the Ancient Sumerians, who were believed to develop the 1st writing known. Well before 3000 BC the Sumerians were noting their language using simple pictures such as clay and eventually the script known as cuneiform or wedge shaped.

In this generation Literacy has never been more vital and it is truly necessary to be informative by creative means in hopes of promoting effective literacy. The core of any foundation should inspire others to continue the root objective that will last throughout the ages. That is what Life Through My Eyes Foundation represent. The future generation awaits the torch that many carry today. What are you going to do?

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 Life Through My Eyes Foundation LLC
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Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal" New Release!

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Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal"

"Back Cover" of Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal"

"Middle Strip of Book" of Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal"

This book was very rewarding to write and publish. Each dimension of the book has great symbolism representing the Philippines. The Philippine Flag, National Fruit "Mango", The Colors, Rice and its National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal. When you receive your copy it will be like receiving a carefully crafted Pasalubong! "Gift"....Courtesy of Love!  

UPDATE IN the Columbia, Mississippi Community:
Thanks to Mona Swayze & associates of Columbia Marion County Public Library in Columbia, Mississippi, my new released and previous books will be available to public soon. Therefore those that do not have the means to order this beautiful story will be able to read and check out at the local library!

Follow the Links below for Ordering:


Create Space E-Store

Barnes & Noble

Books A Million

These are the beautiful moments that Inspired Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal"

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My Birthday Photoshoot

My little sister Kesia @ My birthday dinner

My little sister Kesia @ My birthday dinner 

Click on Link below to find out about Mindoro
Adventuring Mindoro Island paradise

Inspiring the future is always a rewarding feeling! Shalom from Makati, Philippines!

Enjoyed giving the kids their awards after a 2 month long season! They all asked me to be apart of their special moment. How could I refuse?

Enjoyed giving the kids their awards after a 2 month long season! They all asked me to be apart of their special moment. How could I refuse?

Always making time for the kids, they remind me of my youth when I had thousands of questions.

Perfect view of the Batangas Mountain's along with the kids awaiting to be awarded their trophy's.

What a joy it was to be apart of the finishing touch of hard work.

This season I wear #50 in honor of my parents surpassing the monumental age that I hope to reach and beyond. 50 symbolize joy, celebration, new beginnings & spiritual freedom. Thankful to God for great parents that wanted there sons and daughters to live a life of true freedom. Love You Peeps!! A small gesture of generosity that means a great deal. Like "More Rice Jamal".... 

Hot Springs in the mountains are proven to be very therapeutic...even more so when love accompanies you. Deuces from Laguna PI !! — in Laguna, Philippines

Seasons Greetings from the Philippines.

Love is Artful...

Great Appreciation of Asian Cultural Attire

Many people have asked me how do I continue to strive forward in a progressive manner having dealt with so many past challenges. 
"What is your Secret Jamal?" 
Love is my Secret! 
I entered Love in all equations of my Life and it motivated the ambition and desire to live through whatever 
challenge that I have faced.
It has not been easy by far but I offer that
to humanity. Enter Love in any equation and it causes an in dept research into problems that we face. Therefore tweaking overlooked blockades that stops the flow of progression.
Yes the problems will be challenging
but the earth will benefit from the fruit of 
Love and spin happily on its axis
and we will reap the kiss of True progression
from Heaven above.
That is my Secret.

One Republic one of my favorite groups that reveal substance in their lyrics that 
can touch many hearts. 

Click on link below to learn benefits of Pure 'Buko' Juice!

Serving in the United States Navy in 2008 onboard USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) was my first visit to the Philippines in the humanitarian relief effort of Typhoon Fengshen.
How could I forget that hot day in June. As we pulled into the South China Sea I could not believe the things that my eyes were seeing. Seeing people lose everything they had in this tragedy, their homes and families, reminded me of Hurricane Katrina in my country the United States of America.
So I made a promise to one day go back and visit the Philippines to myself and several of my Filipino Kuyas & Ates that I met while in the Navy. It is now 2013 and I fulfilled my promise and my life will never be the same.
Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal"...reveals hard truths of daily living and hope for a better tomorrow. This inspired me to reconsider my lifestyle in my Great country of America.
I saw the Dream in their eyes and I saw the light of hope in their heart. I am blessed that the Creator of the Universe allowed a country boy like me from Columbia, share to the world what this Dream is all about.

Online Encouragement


A true child of God! The lord has special people he us to spread his word locally and some on TV and then there are those who have to travel the hills through countries that others can’t go or are too afraid. You have the ability to speak different languages to spread abroad the good news about the King, at first it was Martin L King, and then on a little small town in Mississippi there was another king born, Author J R Lowe, Irish Rose baby! Gods speed I love u and miss u very proud aunt!!!!

Didn't I tell you the books are you…

Praying for your safety as you embark on your spiritual journey to Asia, Africa and Europe. I'm sure there, you'll explore many historic facades, while finding a plethora of things to write about. So excited to read about your upcoming adventures. I love you Lil brother. I will see you soon, at God's speed......

Got this book from a friend of mine who I served with onboard the USS Ronald Reagan, a United States Navy Veteran/Author Jamal R. Lowe. He currently resides in Batangas City Philippines doing amazing things by not only inspiring people but helping them through sponsorship programs he has created. Please help support him by buying his books or see attached link. Thank you Jamal for the book and for the huge shout out.
 — with Lowe Ja.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Model Future With Fashion

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Rachel Tenorio

Asia overall, has a rich history of cultures and traditions that contribute and influence our world very much. Everywhere I have visited whether in Japan, China, Korea or the Philippines. They love their families and country with a golden heart.

When I arrived back in the Philippines in 2013, I was able to appreciate their sincere dedication to their country every day-to date. The thing that stuck out the most were the stories of hope that many have shared with me openly and confidential. I mentioned some of the stories in my 5th book Philippine Dream “More Rice Jamal,” and have created several programs that hopefully will allow some of those dreams come to fruition. The idea is to support by teaching and guiding the dream to life!

“Model Future With Fashion,” is another idea that will kick off as an event and lead to a program that will continue guiding the dream to life. Rachel Tenorio will be one of 12 Filipino model Citizens that inspires their community in fashion on February 21, 2015. Each has their own dream, gift, story and specific aspirations that will be shared via this website and event in the Kassel Pacific Community here in the Philippines on February 21, 2015.  

It is my pleasure to intertwine my gift with their aspirations and execute a plan that’s sure to preserve their rich history’s template and motivate generations to come. That’s why one of my future book releases Philippine Dream 2 will be available after the event in 2015!

Traveling opens the eye where television has no jurisdiction and allows for a clear understanding of what lies beyond the blue water and mountains. This is a beautiful country indeed with a different kind of wealth that our western family could benefit from in a variety of ways. I do my best to highlight the "Maganda" here via my website and books, on behalf of a great people and their good effort to maintain its rich resources...'themselves.'
                The Inays,Tatays, Ates and Kuyas should be known all over the world for their lived definition of family, respect, prudence and pride for their Republic. Unfortunately, most only know about their 'third world condition' that the media routinely coins. That idea alone pauses a person to consider visitation and exploration to view the religious lifestyle of dedication on several platforms of progression that many could learn from.

Like General Douglas MacArthur, I too was first brought here by means of military order via the “Fortress at Sea” USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) Nuclear Aircraft Carrier. Interestingly enough, I too made a promise to return as you can view my YouTubeVideo Philippine Dream “More Rice Jamal,” which is actually my 5th book release last year.

I did not receive the Medal of Honor as the great General did. However, I created a Philippine Dream Award dedicated to those people that I continue to meet here each day whose good deeds are often overlooked. I am certain that he witnessed the same spirit of love in these people that catapulted his promise to return and fulfillment of his word.

Salamat for visiting my website, there’s a lot more to come!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

NEW RELEASE: Aftermath & Reflection: A 30 Day Journey of Scriptural Thought & Personal Assessment Authored by Irish Rose Lowe, Edited by Jamal R Lowe


Challenge yourself 30 days with friends, a group or alone. 
This book inspires the reader to take action instead of pondering
their next move forward and offers reasonable suggestions.
It creates a foundation for the lost and guides through the days of question
in various ways. 
This book is guaranteed to bless those that 
participate in its agenda and yields great spiritual rewards!

-Follow the Book's Guide-

-Follow the Book's Guide-

Challenge yourself to do it more than 30 days! 

Where to Buy?




My Favorite Reads

The first identification of a key life challenge for Dr. Jill Taylor was the revelation of her older brother diagnosed with schizophrenia. (Taylor, Jill 5) This was the catalyst for her next choice to dedicate her life to research severe cases of mental illness. Most notably this was before she would experience her own life challenge in the form of a stroke. Before I elaborate on that point, she first recognized how her brother observed the same things she did but gave a different response than she would. This highlights a second challenge, to find the reason why. This is where she found meaning in her life as she researched in the day and at night an advocated for NAMI National Alliance for Mental Illness)

     Of course the 3rd challenge occurred on December 10, 1996 when she had her own brain disorder, a stroke. (11) However, Jill explained how she experienced a sense of Nirvana in what many may consider to be a hellish state. (49) She felt a sense of peace in her time of obvious dismay and utilized a sense of levity in saying how cool it was to study her own brain, being a brain scientist and all. (44) She noted that she remembered curling up in a fetal ball and her spirit surrendering and in that moment she knew she wasn't the choreographer of her life. (63)

Dr. Taylor feels that everyone can purposely choose to step to the right of their left hemisphere (brain) and find peace and it took a stroke which she in return coined the phrase, “Stroke of Insight,” in which her nirvana is now used as a gift for many.

     I remember when my grandmother Mary had a stroke and she never fully recovered when I was in junior college around the same era when Jill had her stroke. As I listened to my grandmother speak with a trembling voice, to one of her favorite grandson’s, I did not feel she would not recover; I just knew she was too strong to die. While I was in boot camp of the Navy in 2002 my grandmother could not fight anymore. The Chief called my name, “Petty Officer Lowe, I need to speak with you at once.” I thought at that time, am I about to do another 200 push-ups?

     However, his voice was that of ease and straight eye contact. The words that were coming out of his mouth made me pause….. All I could remember was my grandmother’s last words to me in her life……….. She told me, “No one will come to my grave when I die.” When I think about the writings of Dr. Taylor, I couldn't help but wonder, did my grandmother have a sense of nirvana? Why would she tell me that no one would come to her grave? Was she giving me a heads up? Did she find a sense of peace and say her goodbyes in her own way and surrender as Dr. Taylor did?

Every time, I visit my home state of Mississippi, I drive to grandmothers grave and place a rose on her tomb….and a rose on my grandfather’s tomb next to hers…..and a rose on my other grandmother's tomb who’s next to his and the others that I knew when I was a little boy. It was bigger than the rose; it was respect for people that lived together who taught me in their own way. Today they lay next to each other, in “Rest Haven Cemetery” in Columbia, Mississippi; in the same sequence as their homes were. That’s why the title of my second book is titled “Heart of a King Promise to Ancestors,” I was thinking of them in “Chapter 7 Mary and Delores.” I promised my grandmother that I would always remember so much more than placing a rose on her tomb.

Dr. Taylor shared her life with the world and has even been on Oprah and other media outlets for her research and teachings of the brain. Her story is worth more than a grade and it’s been a blessing to view another extraordinary life that gave us a “Stroke of Insight.”  

Taylor, Jill Bolte. My Stroke of Insight. New York: Viking Adult, 2006. Print. ISBN-10: 0-452-29554-8 ISBN-13: 978-0-452-29554-4 

Etty Hillesum: An Interrupted Life the Diaries, 1941-1943 and Letters from Westerbork Paperback – November 15, 1996
by Etty Hillesum  (Author), Eva Hoffman  (Foreword)

For the first time, Etty Hillesum's diary and letters appear together to give us the fullest possible portrait of this extraordinary woman in the midst of World War II. In the darkest years of Nazi occupation and genocide, Etty Hillesum remained a celebrant of life whose lucid intelligence, sympathy, and almost impossible gallantry were themselves a form of inner resistance. The adult counterpart to Anne Frank, Hillesum testifies to the possibility of awareness and compassion in the face of the most devastating challenge to one's humanity. She died at Auschwitz in 1943 at the age of twenty-nine.

Children of Dust: A Portrait of a Muslim as a Young Man Paperback – February 8, 2011
by Ali Eteraz  (Author)

“In this supremely assured, lush, and rip-roaring book, Eteraz manages to do the impossible, gliding confidently over the chasm that divides East and West. Wildly entertaining…memoir of the first order.” —Murad Kalam, author of Night Journey
Ali Eteraz’s award-winning memoir reveals the searing spiritual story of growing up in Pakistan under the specter of militant Islamic fundamentalism and then overcoming the culture shock of emigrating to the United States. A gripping memoir evocative of Persepolis, Reading Lolita in Tehran, and the novel The Kite Runner, Eteraz’s narrative is also a cathartic chronicle of spiritual awakening. Yael Goldstein Love, author of Overture, calls Children of Dust “a gift and a necessity [that] should be read by believers and nonbelievers alike.”

Confucius Lives Next Door: What Living in the East Teaches Us About Living in the West Paperback – March 28, 2000
by T.R. Reid  (Author)

Anyone who has heard his weekly commentary on NPR knows that T. R. Reid is trenchant, funny, and deeply knowledgeable reporter and now he brings this erudition and humor to the five years he spent in Japan--where he served as The Washington Post's Tokyo bureau chief.  He provides unique insights into the country and its 2,500-year-old Confucian tradition, a powerful ethical system that has played an integral role in the continent's "postwar miracle."
Whether describing his neighbor calmly asserting that his son's loud bass playing brings disrepute on the neighborhood, or the Japanese custom of having students clean the schools, Reid inspires us to consider the many benefits of the Asian Way--as well as its drawbacks--and to use this to come to a greater understanding of both Japanese culture and America.

The World's Religions (Plus) Paperback – May 12, 2009
by Huston Smith  (Author)

The World’s Religions, by beloved author and pioneering professor Huston Smith (Tales of Wonder), is the definitive classic for introducing the essential elements and teachings of the world's predominant faiths, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, as well as regional native traditions.
This revised and updated edition provides sympathetic descriptions of the various traditions, explaining how they work “from the inside,” which is a big reason why this cherished classic has sold more than two million copies since it first appeared in 1958.

In Due Season: A Catholic Life
 By Paul Wilkes

Paul Wilkes has been a writer/journalist, a TV producer, a monastic, a hedonist, a friend of the famous, a family man, and ultimately a true prodigal son. With In Due Season, Wilkes, one of America's most respected writers on religious belief and spirituality, details his search for God--from his working class upbringing in Cleveland to giving up everything he owned and living with the poor to his hedonistic life among the rich and famous. Wilkes's inspiring life story is one of abysmal failure and ultimate triumph, of a faith in God, battered and tried in the crucible of his experience.
Paul Wilkes (Wilmington, NC) is a writer and filmmaker who is best known for his focus on religion, especially Roman Catholicism and its monastic tradition.

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Life Through My Eyes Distracted Generation

Front Cover

Click on Image for Larger View

The above image is one my foundations symbols. The main symbol that represents "L"ife Through My Eyes Foundation & "L" last-name. 

US Military Support Facility Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory.
Where I began to write my first book "Life Through My Eyes Distracted Generation."
Diego Garcia is what inspired the "2nd Cover Change, "the back of the book" as well.

US Military Support Facility Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory.
Where I began to write my first book "Life Through My Eyes Distracted Generation."

Sailing in the Blue Lagoon!
US Military Support Facility Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory.
Where I began to write my first book "Life Through My Eyes Distracted Generation."

Every Sunday after duty was a battle in itself on the hardwood in a 
brotherly game of basketball!

Myself and a great friend brother Leo!

The first Edit of LTMEDG
US Military Support Facility Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory 

 National Naval Medical Center Bethesda, Maryland 

One of my favorite coordinated events allowing
the worlds finest Navy Men & Women to volunteer for community service. 
The beautiful and informative
Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

My Navy "organizing" days in Bethesda and Washington D.C. metropolitan area
always reminds me that our deeds to others are unforgettable memories, not just to us
but the people we assist.

Articles Website:

Being stationed in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area was a great learning experience. I met a plethora of "Distinguished" professionals that carried themselves with honor, courage and commitment.  Our "Navy" core values.

"Semper Fortis"

Me onboard Flight Deck of USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)

Life Through My Eyes briefly reveals to you of how our Creator carried me through tough times, rooting from Columbia Mississippi to Diego Garcia; just a few major global pit stops in my life’s journey. All I can do is give it to you as I have seen it and tell it to you as I know it! Society can be very distracting at times so I intentionally summarized my 28 years of life so everyone will have a sincere chance to read the shared events. I sincerely hope that I can reach at least one person in this lifetime by formulating hope and initiating love through knowledge!

Life Through My Eyes: Distracted Generation (English and Spanish Edition)