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Life Through My Eyes Foundation LLC

Life Through My Eyes Foundation was started by United States Navy Veteran/Author Jamal R. Lowe after completing first book Life Through My Eyes Distracted Generation. Other books proceeded such as: Heart of A King Promise to Ancestors, My Journey Our Mission, Aazeens Court Scenes of Life, Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal" and Sweetness in Air by Favre “Mississippi Legends.”

The Foundations Vision is meant to inspire the human family through writing and has fresh ideas that's sure to inspire future generations to come. Learning from historical giants like the Ancient Sumerians, who were believed to develop the 1st writing known. Well before 3000 BC the Sumerians were noting their language using simple pictures such as clay and eventually the script known as cuneiform or wedge shaped.

In this generation Literacy has never been more vital and it is truly necessary to be informative by creative means in hopes of promoting effective literacy. The core of any foundation should inspire others to continue the root objective that will last throughout the ages. That is what Life Through My Eyes Foundation represent. The future generation awaits the torch that many carry today. What are you going to do?

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Jamal R. Lowe 

Irish R. Lowe


 Life Through My Eyes Foundation LLC
P.O. Box 18383
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Model Future With Fashion

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Rachel Tenorio

Asia overall, has a rich history of cultures and traditions that contribute and influence our world very much. Everywhere I have visited whether in Japan, China, Korea or the Philippines. They love their families and country with a golden heart.

When I arrived back in the Philippines in 2013, I was able to appreciate their sincere dedication to their country every day-to date. The thing that stuck out the most were the stories of hope that many have shared with me openly and confidential. I mentioned some of the stories in my 5th book Philippine Dream “More Rice Jamal,” and have created several programs that hopefully will allow some of those dreams come to fruition. The idea is to support by teaching and guiding the dream to life!

“Model Future With Fashion,” is another idea that will kick off as an event and lead to a program that will continue guiding the dream to life. Rachel Tenorio will be one of 12 Filipino model Citizens that inspires their community in fashion on February 21, 2015. Each has their own dream, gift, story and specific aspirations that will be shared via this website and event in the Kassel Pacific Community here in the Philippines on February 21, 2015.  

It is my pleasure to intertwine my gift with their aspirations and execute a plan that’s sure to preserve their rich history’s template and motivate generations to come. That’s why one of my future book releases Philippine Dream 2 will be available after the event in 2015!

If there was no idea for a future, yesterday’s Giants sacrificed for nothing!

Friday, August 1, 2014

NEW RELEASE: Aftermath & Reflection: A 30 Day Journey of Scriptural Thought & Personal Assessment Authored by Irish Rose Lowe, Edited by Jamal R Lowe


Challenge yourself 30 days with friends, a group or alone. 
This book inspires the reader to take action instead of pondering
their next move forward and offers reasonable suggestions.
It creates a foundation for the lost and guides through the days of question
in various ways. 
This book is guaranteed to bless those that 
participate in its agenda and yields great spiritual rewards!

-Follow the Book's Guide-

-Follow the Book's Guide-

Challenge yourself to do it more than 30 days! 

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Importance of Family

Family life is one the most important aspects of God's great Creation. It contains the reflection of pure Love that nurtures and disciplines in order to protect its essence. When you here the word Family, it has the ability to instantly tame a memory that's True and never fading. These post are dedicated to inspire Family Life!

My Wife & I with a little one on the way!

My Queen!

Family Love from Crystal Hamilton Fahrner & Family!

Do you have a photo and a purpose?
 Email me---- with your photo
and your definition of family!

Family Life!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Journey Our Mission

Updated with new material and message to higher learning
aspiring veterans.

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It was an honor to serve my country with my younger brother Lawrence in the United States Navy and briefly onboard the same ship USS Ronald Reagan; nuclear aircraft carrier CVN-76.Writing is a vehicle that takes the reader on a journey; here you will find me on a quest of spirituality, professional development, staying independent yet keeping in mind the never ending duty of social responsibility.

My Journey...Our a combination of my first two books Life Through My Eyes Distracted Generation and Heart of a King Promise to Ancestors.

It is truly "Our Mission" to keep current and future generations from being "Distracted" by having the "Heart" to champion uncomfortable challenges, just as our many ancestors.

A closer pic of my brother Lawrence and I.

Nuclear Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)

Nuclear Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)
"Manning the Rails" as we returned from deployment.

The below links are the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan as we served our country. My brother Lawrence and I. Click on below links and wait for page to load and use arrows to navigate back and forth.
Links courtesy of USS Ronald Reagan via "" 

"Lawrence Lowe"

"Jamal R Lowe"

Deployment Pic "Courtesy of ("

Special Message to Comrades Included

Chapter 2 of "Heart of a King" was a dedication to my comrades living & past. Most that are alive today deal with the horrific Post Traumatic Stress that stifles their ability to focus and live a normal and fruitful life. Here is where I left a reflection of my Post Trauma and resources that I utilized to help me punch through the stress. I was determined not to look for a crutch but a clutch moment that would find the man in me.

Happy Birthday on this day of May 28, 2014 to my Uncle Dwayne R. Abram.
Thank you to your service to our country and being a great uncle in my youth!
Great Sacrifices are made by Great Men!

Below are very helpful resources for Veterans of the US Military and the family members.

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

The Home Front Cares, Inc.

Saint Leo University
Fund Offers Veteran Students Emergency Financial Assistance

Dr. Coll, great Friend & Comrade.
"Semper Fi!"

“Our goal is to get funds into the hands of a veteran student as quickly as possible, "ultimately within 48 hours of receiving the request.”
                                                                                                           Dr. Coll

My insignia that represented my duty in the US Navy, 
Click on link to learn more about the Specialist.


MyJourney Our Mission by Jamal R Lowe

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Survived: Victorious Life Portrait by Irish Rose Lowe Edited by Jamal R. Lowe Now Available!

Stay Tuned for Book Tour, Book-Signings, Singing Arrangements and Radio Interviews.
Thank you to everyone that have sponsored my progression! Most of all
Thank God I Survived!

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July 8, 2014 Book Signing

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Release- Sweetness in Air by Favre "Mississippi Legends"

Book is available on the links below and available 
through all retailers worldwide,
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This was "by far" one of the most rewarding books that I have had the honor of writing on a variety of levels. The historical impact that sports have in today's society is a sprung from a template of legends. I truly believe if we have any hope of keeping the integrity of sports intact and preserving one of our precious jewels. 
The "leaders of the pack" must learn of these great legends and study their superior blueprint and take that torch that they left.  Money will come and go but legends live forever. Growing up as a kid in Columbia, Mississippi; I was blessed to witness the efforts of greatness in the world of sports. I hope this artful sketch inspires future sports prospects and aspiring poets to continue to tweak their moral compass into a more prudent fashion.

The overall theme of the book is "creative art," just as the ancient legends left their mark inside the walls of caves and on various other items fashioned in clay. I designed the book to have a velvet like texture particularly the middle strip, which has
symbolic pieces of a leather football and words scripted in gold.

Free Book Sample:

“Sweetness” played with heart and determination and for me the way he ran….was like he was saying something.
Poetry in Motion!

This is my interpretation of what he was saying….

I know you think I’m just a country boy from Mississippi and you wonder how I got here.
I tell you how…
Give me the ball #9…
Yes I came from the rough South and the blood of kings flow through my veins but this time I’m not on the cotton fields of Mississippi.
The picture isn't what you thought it would be but this is what is.

Move over critics take this stiff arm -- yes I went to what you call tiny Jackson State University stop trying criticize my potential and crush the hopes of those who aspire as me.
It’s not so much of where I came from its where I’m going, can’t you see?
I just crossed the 30 yard line…

Get off me middle linebacker you take this elbow to the chest, did you think I would stop because you seem bigger than me? Well let me tell you what you didn't see…my Heart!
I just crossed the 35…

Oh…you sent another one the same size? Did you forget that I graduated from tiny Jackson State as you often remind me? This is wisdom that anticipated you coming so move out of the way and take the other elbow, I have  community to inspire,
I’m crossing the 50…

Excuse me defensive back I understand your duty but you must understand you will not stop me, didn't you see Soul Train? My feet are quick watch this move…
I’m crossing the 40 into the 20…

Just me and you “free safety” your name has such humor, because you are free to watch me high-step into history with my true family of fans in one hand like I often carry and my fist high in victory!


Home on leave few years back, visiting my old high school and  appreciating the 
Statue of Walter Payton, in which the field is now named after.

You will have to get the book to see the rest :)

Back of Book

"Search Inside" closer view via,
follow link below:

If there ever was a time that our 21st century era of sports could benefit from golden history lessons, it is now. The ancient Epic of Gilgamesh reveal truths of great value from a legendary hero king, the epigrams from Marcus Martialis capture the heart of Roman gladiators & inspirational icon Nelson Mandela embraced sports with a wise gesture in the name of peace. Sweetness in Air by Favre metaphorically defines the heroic legends of those that inspired my life in the "Magnolia South."

The wise should consider their immortal efforts in their respective craft & approach challenges with heart, determination & will to succeed.

Aspiring poets also have a great opportunity to utilize the literary platform to inspire & heal where everyone can win....or decay where no one wins. Walter Payton, Brett Favre & Steve McNair won my respect & admiration for the great humanitarians that they are.

Thank You

To those who started from humble beginnings
 and leaped from the trampoline of 
hope and 
landed in the atmosphere of opportunity.
 Keep innovating, keep inspiring and keep Living!