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"35 Times Around the Sun: Signs of Renaissance" (2nd Edition) by Jamal R Lowe

This book is my gift to the travelers that seek understanding of self and appreciate responsible stewardship and its call to action. Sometimes I bump into those who have dreams with no demands and ponder in total defeat. Ignorance can choke progression and cause misfortune so it is only wise to seek counsel, therefore added knowledge may freely flow unto thee. I encourage you to follow your life’s signs and do a critical study into the causes and effects of major situations that seem coincidental. Those moments actually highlight a deep world that may still exist in someone else’s life and your resolutions can create valuable solutions that renew hope and change the life of a human being.

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Meditation Therapy
Great to have the best massage therapist in the world after a long day, and great friends.

Kind gestures often go overlooked because of the natural manner of good. Nowadays Valentine’s Day reminds us exclusively to honor our loved ones to make them feel cherished, for a generous fee. Consider this brief book as lasting encouragement that serves as unexpected Fresh Roses from someone you love. I’m reminded of letters received during my time of confinement, how it felt receiving a simple card with a few words….it renewed my heart and I was able to make it just one more day. The humility in acts of encouragement are like Fresh Roses that provide a spiritual nutrition that motivates human beings. 
These writings are not meant to be a novel, but to inspire one! This also serves as an appreciation to my ancestors and those who strive to preserve it daily.  Furthermore, this is for those who took 5 minutes just to place a postage stamp on an envelope addressed to me. Together we form a bond that strengthens our world for generations to come. Ultimately its moved by Jesus….who’s name alone, is like Fresh Roses!

"Fresh Roses: A Christian Life" by Irish R. Lowe - 
Now Available
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"I was just thinking that of all the trails in this life there is one that matters most. It is the trail of a true human being. I think you are on this trail and it is good to see."
                                                         Kicking Bird…

“The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.” Katsumoto

Love creates moments that last forever. 

Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, a place where tradition meets modern style with a welcoming ambiance.
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 Burj Al Arab
The Burj Al Arab in Dubai portraits a modern day phenomenon that highlights creative genius that stands alone. With a nice view of Palm Islands & the Burj Khalifa, this is definitely worth another visit. Can’t wait to go back to see the many upgrades since ‘08 visit. See Video


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Meet The Aazeens

Thursday, September 8, 2016

About Life Through My Eyes Foundation

Importance of History & the Arts
The entire antiquity of the human family into the 21st century is preserved via Arts, adages and stories that lives in hearts of many. We carry those memories via the many facets Arts provide and continue to preserve the illustrious stories by our ancestors. Since we are all pieces of beautiful history, why not reserve our vast perspectives for future generations to come?


Get Free custom "Philippine Dream" jersey with donation of $35 or more to Life Through My Eyes Foundation. 
All proceeds will be utilized to fully develop programs, 
Learning Center and 
Art & History Museum.
See Donation link @ bottom of page. 

Life Through My Eyes Foundation was started by Author/Navy Vet Jamal R. Lowe after completing first book Life Through My Eyes Distracted Generation. Other books proceeded such as: Heart of A King Promise to Ancestors, My Journey Our Mission, Aazeens Court Scenesof Life, Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal," Sweetness in Air by Favre “Mississippi Legends” 35 Times Around the Sun: Signs of Renaissance. 

The Vision is meant to inspire the human family through Writing and has fresh ideas that's sure to inspire future generations to come. Learning from historical giants like the Ancient Sumerians, who were believed to develop the 1st writing known. Well before 3000 BC the Sumerians were noting their language using simple pictures such as clay and eventually the script known as cuneiform or wedge shaped.

       In this generation literacy has never been more vital and it is truly necessary to be informative by creative means in hopes of promoting effective communication. The core of any foundation should inspire others to continue the root objective that will last throughout the ages. Foundation Goals are meant to Educate by  Civic Engagement in hopes of boosting Economic Development for a given community. Generation's await the torch that many carry today, "Live to Inspire!"

Contact Info:

 Life Through My Eyes Foundation LLC
P.O. Box 18383
Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Niyogyugan Festival 2015

Niyogyugan was derived from the words niyog (coconut) and yugyug (to move to a beat). Niyog has been the main produce of the province ever since. Highlighting the use of the coconut, its tree, fruit, and everything created from it. (UNITED COCONUT ASSOCIATIONS OF THE PHILIPPINES)




Very enthused to be embraced by Hon. Cristeta Cuevas Reyes (Municipal Vice Mayor), during community basketball league introductions/parade.  
I truly appreciate their dedication to civic engagement that ultimately unifies their community. 
 #Live to Inspire  

Congratulations to Navy Kassel in their finals win last night. They played with heart and tremendous effort to pull off a last second win….literally! BiGG Kudos to the sponsors for consolidating such fun civic engagement for the Kassel Community. Season’s Greetings and Blessings to you all!! #TeamKassel2015  

Kassel Community 2014 Basketball League Champions
Kassel Maroon!

Kassel Community 2014 Basketball League Champions
Kassel Maroon!

Kassel Community 2014 Basketball League Champions
Kassel Maroon!


Days of Practice!

How it began....1-0

Always prayed before and after games.

Let the fun began....

Really enjoyed these Kuyas, after the games we always ate gOOd & most importantly together as a team!

Really enjoyed these Kuyas, after the games we always ate gOOd & most importantly together as a team!

6 Games Later...Championship Game! 

6 Games Later...Championship Game!

How it all ended...7-0 
Kassel Pacific Community Champs 

Walking in the lights with champions of Life!

God Bless those of you who have supported me in any endeavor I am humbled and truly grateful to be apart of Life's Solution!

If you would like to donate or contribute to 
Life Through My Eyes Foundation in any way, please do so by following the secure PayPal Link below.