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35 Times Around the Sun: Signs of Renaissance New Release!

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This book is my gift to the travelers that seek understanding of self and appreciate responsible stewardship and its call to action. Sometimes I bump into those who have dreams with no demands and ponder in total defeat. Ignorance can choke progression and cause misfortune so it is only wise to seek counsel, therefore added knowledge may freely flow unto thee. I encourage you to follow your life’s signs and do a critical study into the causes and effects of major situations that seem coincidental. Those moments actually highlight a deep world that may still exist in someone else’s life and your resolutions can create valuable solutions that renew hope and change the life of a human being.

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Great friends....Ram & Angelica

Book - Signings & other updates soon.
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Interesting fight yesterday, although the outcome wasn't
what Kuya Manny wanted...we enjoyed the fight & his heart.
Congrats to FM! #PhilippineDreamMRJ

Salamat po Kuya Manny!

(Included in Book)
The Earth has so many natural gifts that it is impossible  to put them all in a bottle and sale what's already been given to the human family and its inhabitants for free; or list on this one blog. However as I travel abroad adjusting to climates and cultural eating habits, I find that it was sincerely necessary to keep a record of successful practices. Not just for me but others that may one day say goodbye to sophisticated slavery and hello to real freedom. The information that I list are from herbal remedies or suggestions that I have tried for myself and therefore sharing with you. The hope is to inspire each reader to see the beautiful gifts of Earth for themselves...and share their portion as well...which is the gift that keeps on giving.



Asthma, Bone Health, Heart diseases, Migraine, Constipation, Indigestion, Kidney disorders, Blood cholesterol, Antibacterial activity, Breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and more 

Red Wine (from the Grapes)
Polyphenols in red wine, The French paradox, Resveratrol in red wines, Proanthocyanidins and more 

Valerian Herbs
Sleep disorders, anxiety,  depression, mild tremors, epilepsy, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

When I first taste this juicy fruit here in the Philippines, it felt like I was eating from heavens garden. Here are 35 reasons why the Mangosteen Fruit should be in every ones diet.

1. Strengthen the immune system.
2. Heal the inflammation.
3. Improving communication between cells.
4. DNA damage fail.
5. Tool of the lymph system.
6. Maintains optimal thyroid function.
7. Reduce insulin resistance.
8. Help with weight loss.
9. Heal nerve damage.
10. Balances the endocrine system.
11. The tools of the synergy of the body.
12. Relieve hemorrhoids.
13. Help lower blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia).
14. Kemerah-merahan/bersisik alleviate skin disease (psoriasis).
15. Help heal wounds.
16. Relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome (a disease that occurs in the wrist and fingers caused by pressure that often occurs in the section. And usually are caused by too frequent use of keyboard and mouse).
17. Removes dry scaly skin disease chronic (neurodermatitis). The anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen can reduce the scales and itchy skin disease.
gastrointestinal smooth
18. Help treat GERD (chronic disease characterized by the flow of stomach acid into the esophagus).
19. Helps heal ulcers / sores.
20. Relieve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
21. Help stop diarrhea.
22. Can ease the inflammation of the small or large intestine known as Crohn `s disease.
23. One can prevent inflammatory bowel disease (diverticulitis).
Heart Health
24. Help prevent heart disease.
25. Strengthen blood vessels.
26. Lowering LDL cholesterol.
27. Lowering high blood pressure.
28. Helps prevent arteriosclerosis.
Make More Younger
29. Increase energy, enhance the excitement and increase stamina.
30. Slow the aging process.
31. Help prevent deterioration of the brain disease (dementia and Alzheimer `s).
32. Help prevent kidney stones.
33. Help prevent nervous system diseases (Parkinson’s).
34. Relieve pain from arthritis.
35. Repairing the damage from the use of painkillers (NSAIDs).


Rambutan fruit are another of my all time favorite.

Rambutan contains carbohydrate, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamin C. Skin tannin and fruits contain saponin. The seeds contain fat and polifenol. The leaves contain tannin and saponin. Skin stem contains tannin, saponin, flavonida, pectic substances, and iron.


These rich plants have great benefits and grows in my backyard and I use it often! 


This is delicious grilled and sautéed with lemon. My favorite along with its rich heart healthy nutrients.


No wonder beauty is Abundant indeed here in Asia! I'm happy to have this in my back yard as well...see site for its many healthy and beauty benefits.


I was just thinking that of all the trails in this life there is one that matters most. It is the trail of a true human being. I think you are on this trail and it is good to see.
                                                         Kicking Bird…

Morning meditation in the mountains always end with a refreshing smile.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sweetness in Air by Favre "Mississippi Legends"

Book is available on the links below and available 
through all retailers worldwide,
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This was "by far" one of the most rewarding books that I have had the honor of writing on a variety of levels. The historical impact that sports have in today's society is a sprung from a template of legends. I truly believe if we have any hope of keeping the integrity of sports intact and preserving one of our precious jewels. 

The "leaders of the pack" must learn of these great legends and study their superior blueprint and take that torch that they left.  Money will come and go but legends live forever. Growing up as a kid in Columbia, Mississippi; I was blessed to witness the efforts of greatness in the world of sports. I hope this artful sketch inspires future sports prospects and aspiring poets to continue to tweak their moral compass into a more prudent fashion.

The overall theme of the book is "creative art," just as the ancient legends left their mark inside the walls of caves and on various other items fashioned in clay. I designed the book to have a velvet like texture particularly the middle strip, which has
symbolic pieces of a leather football and words scripted in gold.

Free Book Sample:

Home on leave few years back, visiting my old high school and  appreciating the 
Statue of Walter Payton, in which the field is now named after.

Back of Book

"Search Inside" closer view via,
follow THIS link.

If there ever was a time that our 21st century era of sports could benefit from golden history lessons, it is now. The ancient Epic of Gilgamesh reveal truths of great value from a legendary hero king, the epigrams from Marcus Martialis capture the heart of Roman gladiators & inspirational icon Nelson Mandela embraced sports with a wise gesture in the name of peace. Sweetness in Air by Favre metaphorically defines the heroic legends of those that inspired my life in the "Magnolia South."
The wise should consider their immortal efforts in their respective craft & approach challenges with heart, determination & will to succeed.
Aspiring poets also have a great opportunity to utilize the literary platform to inspire & heal where everyone can win....or decay where no one wins. Walter Payton, Brett Favre & Steve McNair won my respect & admiration for the great humanitarians that they are.
Thank You

To those who started from humble beginnings
 and leaped from the trampoline of 
hope and  landed in the atmosphere of opportunity.
 Keep innovating, keep inspiring and keep Living! 


Importance of Family

A boy! We are very thankful to be
expecting our 2nd child...a baby boy!! 
Thank you mother for the "big package"
of love for his baby-room ;)

Thanks to FedEx, a box filled with love arrived before my birthday on June 30. Gifts that only a Mother would understand always seem to touch the heart. 
Love you Irish Rose!

Seasons Greetings from our family to yours, may God bless you
with tidings of Joy this New Year and beyond!

Speaking of family, I am very proud of my mother, Irish Rose Lowe. After a wonderful year of inspiration by publishing her 1st 2 books in 2014, her 1st CD Single"Hold On" is now available to kick off 2015. Follow the provided links to store and her website.

“It was foretold by my mother Delores Sue Abram during her life that I will not only survive but live to inspire others by various means. The stories of my life via song and books are driven by the Spirit of the Lord. My life is proof that God listens, inspires and will answer the prayers of the weary. So I thank all of you who remembered your sister in her days of trouble and encourage you to “Hold On.”
God Bless You All!”



Happy birthday to our first son Jarel on this day of November 18, 2014.....just days shy of my favorite grandmother Delores; who smiles from the sky.
Salamat Po Tatay God for the safe delivery & good health of my ganda wife and son. Major shot out to the hospital staff & owner for their exceptional professionalism and hospitality.
I really appreciate those of you who have sent greetings of love and tidings of joy via prayer,
God Bless You All!

Family life is one the most important aspects of God's great Creation. It contains the reflection of pure Love that nurtures and disciplines in order to protect its essence. When you hear the word Family, it has the ability to instantly tame a memory that's true and never fading. These posts are dedicated to inspire Family Life!

Our Son Jarel!

After journeying “35 Times Around the Sun,” I am blessed that our awesome Creator gave me a beautiful wife and our little prince, eager to arrive. I know my favorite grandmother’s Delores, Clara & Mary are somewhere smiling in the sky. I can’t wait to bring him back to the states so he can feel the love of his grandparents, uncles, aunts & cousins. I could barely take my eyes off the screen, thank you God for smiling on us!

Family Love from Crystal Hamilton Fahrner & Family!

My cousin Larissa, Brother Jose & their daughter Gabby!

Surprise visit to Kesia's School, Read Story below.

Our surprise trip to Quezon Province to see my little sister Kesia, Inay Linda & Tatay Pete here in the Philippines was very rewarding, on so many levels. Kesia had the biggest smile on her face having no idea that I would visit her in school. Not only was she happy to see me & my wife, but her sister Keren was with us as well, a triple dose of love.  All the kids were excited asking thousands of questions at a high speed rate!
                I was very humbled when I learned that the student’s teacher Ms. Wilma, who is pictured in red standing behind me; is a Cancer Survivor! She continues to do her monthly therapy while still continuing to teach. This is very inspirational, to see an individual who is dedicated to her life’s purpose, putting the kid’s needs above hers. Although they have no air condition like I did when I was in a kid in school, they are the most energetic kids that listen to instructions carefully. Ms. Wilma also welcomed me to join them again and I am definitely looking forward to that.
                I am very happy to be apart of Kesia’s life and consider her as my sister, the support of family goes a very long way. For those of you that don’t know, Kesia is the little girl on the front cover of my 5th book, Philippine Dream “More Rice Jamal.” Her family has a very special place in my heart. I remember when I often surprised my little niece Marcedes back in the United States, returning home on leave. My dad informed me that just by her seeing me allowed her to feel family support, in return it ultimately motivated her to crave learning. Kesia has the highest grade consistently in her class! The future of the Philippines looks very great!

My Inay Linda Surprised!

Keren, Inay & Maremy

Family Love

Family Love

Family Love

Our prince will arrive any day now!



Cheers to Dr. Stan McGahey, one of my favorite instructors @ Saint Leo University. As a fellow veteran, writer and traveler
 he has greatly impacted my life with his great wisdom and encouragement, I'm happy to consider him 'Family.' 
Semper Fi....

What a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday in the mountains of Picnic Grove Park
Tagaytay, Philippines. Although Taal Volcano has recorded many eruptions throughout 
its history, I am happy that today it was on chill mode!

One of our son's Ninangs' Dianne joined us ;)

What a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday in the mountains of Picnic Grove Park
Tagaytay, Philippines. Although Taal Volcano has recorded many eruptions throughout 
its history, I am happy that today it was on chill mode!

Congratulations to our true friends Ram & Angelica 
on their beautiful evening wedding. 
We were very blessed to be apart of their special day.
The "story" of how we became friends will be revealed
in my upcoming project that will be revealed soon. 
Stay tuned ;)

Bigggg thanks to PNP for giving us a (PULIS) escort 
through the congested traffic of Quezon City so we could 
get to our friends wedding on time.

My beautiful wife & son before the ceremony.

I love making memories with my family ;)

SLU Fall 2014 Deans List

The benefits of family support yield great rewards. I am very grateful to see the direct effect of true love in so many ways in my life. Salute to all who stay up late and get up early to make their dreams a reality. #smallVictoriesYieldbigRewards

Each semester, undergraduate students who have earned at least 12 credits and a grade point average of 3.65 or higher are recognized on the Dean’s List. Saint Leo University publishes the list as a PDF on the university website after the end of each term. Students are listed alphabetically by their last names. (Courtesy SLU Office of University 

My mother always gets my mail first. Thanks mother, it is yours as well...just for being my Mother, encouragement of a mother & dad goes a very long way ;))) Waiting on two more...for you ;)

Visiting Kamay ni Hesus Shrine in Lucban, Quezon was very interesting…..definitely appreciate the ‘monumental’ artistry at that level in the mountains. The statue is 50ft tall and the 3rd tallest of its kind in the world. 

Do you have a photo with a purpose?

 * Email--- and 
send photo and your definition of family.