Monday, May 11, 2015

35 Times Around the Sun: Signs of Renaissance New Release!

Now Available

This book is my gift to the travelers that seek understanding of self and appreciate responsible stewardship and its call to action. Sometimes I bump into those who have dreams with no demands and ponder in total defeat. Ignorance can choke progression and cause misfortune so it is only wise to seek counsel, therefore added knowledge may freely flow unto thee. I encourage you to follow your life’s signs and do a critical study into the causes and effects of major situations that seem coincidental. Those moments actually highlight a deep world that may still exist in someone else’s life and your resolutions can create valuable solutions that renew hope and change the life of a human being.

Brief Samples

Great friends....Ram & Angelica

Book - Signings & other updates soon.
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Interesting fight yesterday, although the outcome wasn't
what Kuya Manny wanted...we enjoyed the fight & his heart.
Congrats to FM! #PhilippineDreamMRJ

Salamat po Kuya Manny!

What does your life signs reveal? 

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Island Voices

"Island Voices" is dedicated to aspiring writers throughout the Philippines. It is designed to encourage creative thinking and promote literacy by making reading a fun thing to do. The writings vary from fiction to non-fiction and surely serves as works of art. Enjoy!

Maybe this Time: by Mae Abatay

Do you have a story? Email me & I will
guide you into publishing your book.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal"

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Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal"

"Back Cover" of Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal"

"Middle Strip of Book" of Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal"

This book was very rewarding to write and publish. Each dimension of the book has great symbolism representing the Philippines. The Philippine Flag, National Fruit "Mango", The Colors, Rice and its National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal. When you receive your copy it will be like receiving a carefully crafted Pasalubong! "Gift"....Courtesy of Love!  

UPDATE IN the Columbia, Mississippi Community:
Thanks to Mona Swayze & associates of Columbia Marion County Public Library in Columbia, Mississippi, my new released and previous books will be available to public soon. Therefore those that do not have the means to order this beautiful story will be able to read and check out at the local library!

Follow the Links below for Ordering:

These are the beautiful moments that Inspired Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal"

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My Birthday Photoshoot

My little sister Kesia @ My birthday dinner

My little sister Kesia @ My birthday dinner 

Click on Link to find out about Mindoro
Adventuring Mindoro Island paradise

Inspiring the future is always a rewarding feeling! Shalom from Makati, Philippines!

Enjoyed giving the kids their awards after a 2 month long season! They all asked me to be apart of their special moment. How could I refuse?

Enjoyed giving the kids their awards after a 2 month long season! They all asked me to be apart of their special moment. How could I refuse?

Always making time for the kids, they remind me of my youth when I had thousands of questions.

Perfect view of the Batangas Mountain's along with the kids awaiting to be awarded their trophy's.

What a joy it was to be apart of the finishing touch of hard work.

This season I wear #50 in honor of my parents surpassing the monumental age that I hope to reach and beyond. 50 symbolize joy, celebration, new beginnings & spiritual freedom. Thankful to God for great parents that wanted there sons and daughters to live a life of true freedom. Love You Peeps!! A small gesture of generosity that means a great deal. Like "More Rice Jamal".... 

Hot Springs in the mountains are proven to be very therapeutic...even more so when love accompanies you. Deuces from Laguna PI !! — in Laguna, Philippines

Seasons Greetings from the Philippines.

Many people have asked me how do I continue to strive forward in a progressive manner having dealt with so many past challenges. 
"What is your Secret Jamal?" 
Love is my Secret! 
I entered Love in all equations of my Life and it motivated the ambition and desire to live through whatever 
challenge that I have faced.
It has not been easy by far but I offer that
to humanity. Enter Love in any equation and it causes an in dept research into problems that we face. Therefore tweaking overlooked blockades that stops the flow of progression.
Yes the problems will be challenging
but the earth will benefit from the fruit of 
Love and spin happily on its axis
and we will reap the kiss of True progression
from Heaven above.
That is my Secret.


Serving in the United States Navy in 2008 onboard USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) was my first visit to the Philippines in the humanitarian relief effort of Typhoon Fengshen.
How could I forget that hot day in June. As we pulled into the South China Sea I could not believe the things that my eyes were seeing. Seeing people lose everything they had in this tragedy, their homes and families, reminded me of Hurricane Katrina in my country the United States of America.
So I made a promise to one day go back and visit the Philippines to myself and several of my Filipino Kuyas & Ates that I met while in the Navy. It is now 2013 and I fulfilled my promise and my life will never be the same.
Philippine Dream "More Rice Jamal"...reveals hard truths of daily living and hope for a better tomorrow. This inspired me to reconsider my lifestyle in my Great country of America.
I saw the Dream in their eyes and I saw the light of hope in their heart. I am blessed that the Creator of the Universe allowed a country boy like me from Columbia, share to the world what this Dream is all about.

Online Encouragement


A true child of God! The lord has special people he us to spread his word locally and some on TV and then there are those who have to travel the hills through countries that others can’t go or are too afraid. You have the ability to speak different languages to spread abroad the good news about the King, at first it was Martin L King, and then on a little small town in Mississippi there was another king born, Author J R Lowe, Irish Rose baby! Gods speed I love u and miss u very proud aunt!!!!

Didn't I tell you the books are you…

Praying for your safety as you embark on your spiritual journey to Asia, Africa and Europe. I'm sure there, you'll explore many historic facades, while finding a plethora of things to write about. So excited to read about your upcoming adventures. I love you Lil brother. I will see you soon, at God's speed......

Got this book from a friend of mine who I served with onboard the USS Ronald Reagan, a United States Navy Veteran/Author Jamal R. Lowe. He currently resides in Batangas City Philippines doing amazing things by not only inspiring people but helping them through sponsorship programs he has created. Please help support him by buying his books or see attached link. Thank you Jamal for the book and for the huge shout out.
 — with Lowe Ja.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Model Future With Fashion

 Kimberly Aviles receiving the Philippine Dream Award. 

It's truly a blessing to encourage those who
take the necessary steps toward their goals.
Congrats again Kimberly Aviles, from 
Life Through My Eyes Foundation.

Congrats to Kimberly Aviles for winning the most votes
for the 'Favorite Look.' I look forward to hearing 
her story and future ambitions.

Thanks to everyone that participated 
and know that you are all winners enjoy your 
Valentines Day...;)

(Click on all Photos for Larger View)

Everyday People With Extraordinary Personalities

I have met many great people here in the Philippines with amazing stories filled with personal ambition and creative artistry that’s second to none. They are fashion models, skilled chefs, artist, seasoned professionals, practitioners and most of all model citizens. Get a glimpse of their personalities in their photos and vote for your favorite “Look.” All are recipients of the Philippine Dream award (2nd) that I give to those who have the audacity to dream and heart to follow through. The winner of votes will get a secret grand prize and their very own personal photo shoot. You may vote for your favorite on my Facebook Fanpage: THIS LINK ---message me the name of your favorite--- or you may Vote in the comment section at the bottom of my website by typing the name of your favorite.  

The winner will be announced February 14, 2015.

Encouragement motivate dreams to life!

Very Respectfully,


Sponsored by Life Through My Eyes Foundation @


Gracie Banner

The great State of Mississippi has much to look forward to with refreshing
ideas from its young leaders eager to inspire greatness. Gracie Banner aspires 
to "Model Future With Fashion" in a variety of ways. Her full story with others will be revealed
in the coming days. 

Rachel Tenorio

Asia overall, has a rich history of cultures and traditions that contribute and influence our world very much. Everywhere I have visited whether in Japan, China, Korea or the Philippines. They love their families and country with a golden heart.

When I arrived back in the Philippines in 2013, I was able to appreciate their sincere dedication to their country every day-to date. The thing that stuck out the most were the stories of hope that many have shared with me openly and confidential. I mentioned some of the stories in my 5th book Philippine Dream “More Rice Jamal,” and have created several programs that hopefully will allow some of those dreams come to fruition. The idea is to support by teaching and guiding the dream to life!

It is my pleasure to intertwine my gift with their aspirations and execute a plan that’s sure to preserve their rich history’s template and motivate generations to come. That’s why one of my future book releases Philippine Dream 2 will be available after the event in 2015!

Traveling opens the eye where television has no jurisdiction and allows for a clear understanding of what lies beyond the blue water and mountains. This is a beautiful country indeed with a different kind of wealth that our western family could benefit from in a variety of ways. I do my best to highlight the "Maganda" here via my website and books, on behalf of a great people and their good effort to maintain its rich resources...'themselves.'
                The Inays,Tatays, Ates and Kuyas should be known all over the world for their lived definition of family, respect, prudence and pride for their Republic. Unfortunately, most only know about their 'third world condition' that the media routinely coins. That idea alone pauses a person to consider visitation and exploration to view the religious lifestyle of dedication on several platforms of progression that many could learn from.

Like General Douglas MacArthur, I too was first brought here by means of military order via the “Fortress at Sea” USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) Nuclear Aircraft Carrier. Interestingly enough, I too made a promise to return as you can view my YouTubeVideo Philippine Dream “More Rice Jamal,” which is actually my 5th book release last year.

I did not receive the Medal of Honor as the great General did. However, I created a Philippine Dream Award dedicated to those people that I continue to meet here each day whose good deeds are often overlooked. I am certain that he witnessed the same spirit of love in these people that catapulted his promise to return and fulfillment of his word.

Salamat for visiting my website, there’s a lot more to come!